And Now… A Greenhouse For Your Living Room Table

The product is equipped with a built-in display that offers a step-by-step growing guide and real-time data monitoring
Outlook Web Bureau Oct 01, 2021

A greenhouse inside your house? A promotional video claims that a new consumer greenhouse is coming to the market. And it is for “indoor” use.

Plantee is claimed to be a device that allows controlling the light, including its time cycling and intensity, watering, soil-moisture, air temperature, airflow, and more, using the novel concept of plant profiles that users can create and share across the online community. It is equipped with a built-in display that offers a step-by-step growing guide and real-time data monitoring. The product is made of recyclable premium anodized aluminium and hardened PMMA glass that ensures long-term durability and fits any interior design.

"With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen an unprecedented surge in home gardening enthusiasm. For those who do not have access to large gardens or technical experience with advanced electrical growing equipment, Plantee is a must-have product that will change forever the way we see indoor gardening. And for the first time ever, Plantee is now available on Kickstarter," initiators of the product explain.

"Seeing a beautiful plant in a shop or on a neighbour's windowsill and thinking how amazing it would be to grow it at home. Yet two weeks after you bought it, it is already dead. We all lived through this experience. But was it due to lack of light? Underwatering, overwatering? Perhaps the wrong air temperature or humidity. Something we rarely figure out," they add.

The promotion claims that Plantee is the smart, indoor all-in-one plug and play greenhouse designed to easily grow all kinds of demanding plants at home. The product, it claims, is suitable for your bonsai, or roses, orchids, sunflowers, to chili peppers, baby carrots, microgreens, even carnivorous plants, “and so much more”.

According to Ondra Zbytek, CEO and co-founder of Plantee Innovations, "I've always loved experimenting with different conditions for my plants, but when I got one thing right, the others just backfired. I thought I can't be the only one who struggles, but there seemed to be no product on the market providing a comprehensive solution that controls and maintains the optimal environment for growing plants. So, as an electrical engineer and entrepreneur, I decided to change that and invent a solution that would make any plant at home never struggle again. And that solution is Plantee.”

If you want to watch the promotional video, click on the link

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