Gujarat Government Boost For Hydroponic Farming In Cities

A few start-ups in Ahmedabad too are helping individuals and institutions in hydroponics farming.
A hydroponic farm
Outlook Web Bureau Mar 02, 2021

The Gujarat government is planning an outreach to encourage city dwellers grow vegetables of daily need in their own homes using hydroponic farming, say reports.

The state agriculture department is said to be planning to tie up with local bodies like the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in this bid. The local bodies will help in reaching out to more households and residential societies with the message for hydroponic technique.

Hands-on training will be provided by the agriculture department with the help of do-it-yourself videos made for residents, a senior official told Ahmedabad Mirror.

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Hydroponic farming is fast catching on in cities due to various advantages. It requires no soil, lesser space, less water than regular gardens, water can be recycled, the produce is organic and chemical-free, etc.

In Gujarat too, the technique is getting popular in cities like Ahmedabad and others owing to the benefits. Thus, the agriculture department is planning to take the technique to the public with the launch of a new programme.

A few start-ups in Ahmedabad too are helping individuals and institutions in hydroponics farming.

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Hydroponic farming can be done in a small space also like balcony, terrace, backyard, garden and even vertically. The technique consists of growing plants without soil, by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent with the roots exposed to the nutritious liquid and supported by stones

Thus, the state government is planning to give a big push to hydroponic farming in the cities in a bid to encourage households to grow vegetables in their own homes.

Research scientist Anindita Mehta told Mirror, “Hydroponics requires 90% less water than usual farming. One can grow an exotic variety of crops, even off-season. We started experimenting about it a year ago at our farm and the results are encouraging. It gives 30% higher yield and 40% faster growth than the traditional method. We have grown spinach, tomatoes, mint, pepper, brinjal, coriander and basil.”

According to industry experts, hydroponics is best suited for homes and terrace gardens, and a boon for places with water scarcity and unfertile soil like arid regions.

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