This Anti-COVID Face Mask May Make Your Garden Bloom

A Dutch designer has created a face cover that, unlike surgical masks, can be buried after use and is said to bloom into flowers in some time
Outlook Web Bureau Mar 16, 2021

Ever thought the facemask that protects you from COVID-19 infection, that needs to be carefully disposed every time, can be used for germination in that home garden of yours.

That thought struck Marianne de Groot and she set about creating biodegradable masks with flower seeds in them.

This Dutch designer has made masks that can be buried after use and will produce plants in some time.

Called Marie Bee Bloom, the biodegradable masks are made from layers of rice paper (or paper created with a mixture of rice, water, and sometimes other natural starches). Inside are flower seeds that can sprout under the right conditions.

The ear loops are made from simple spun wool. A cord-fastener allows you to adjust the loops to fit. Instead of using plastic, the fastener is a tiny flower punched out of an egg carton.

Marie Bee Bloom masks costs € 3 each, which is considerably expensive compared to surgical masks, more than even N95.

However, it may not be enough to help keep you safe. Rice paper is commonly used in beauty products, its use as personal protective equipment is still doubtful.

After safety standard tests, it may be a more sustainable approach in this pandemic. If proved hygienic, these masks may help a few flowers bloom in your backyard.

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